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Army Words for Regular Things

Having just started business school, I’ve already been inundated with complicated terms for normal things. “Synergy”, means “coordination.” A “cross-functional team” is usually just “a team”. Heck, I’ve seen the word “change agent” tossed about.

But business school has nothing on the U.S. Army. I found this list jotted down in my Ranger School notebook a few months back sandwiched between a cookbook for MRE recipes, hypothetical shopping lists and squad Op Orders. I still love it.

As the title says, what follows is “An (Incomplete) List of Army Words for Regular Things”:

1. Hook and Pile Tape = Velcro

2. Army Blouse = Army Jacket

3. Patrol Cap = Hat

4. Cover = Hat

5. Assault Pack = Backpack

6. Hero = Soldier

7. Green-suiter = Soldier

9. Warriors = Soldier

10. Warfighter = Soldier

11. Fusion = Communication

12. At this time = Now

13. Hooah = Yes, No, Maybe, Good

14. Innovation = Undefined

15. Nut Sack = SAW Ammo Pouch

16. FOB = Base

17. COP = Base

18. JSS = Base

19. Camp = Base

20. VPB = Base

21. Outpost = Base

And the list of terms for “base” could go on.

four comments

Jargon is a great way to build a sense of in-group. http://www.everydaysociologyblog.com/201..

“Hook and Pile Tape” is actually the correct nomenclature…“Velcro” is a trademarked brand name.

Much like “Band-Aids” or “Kleenex”.

Yeah…but shouldn’t the Army get a pass to use Velcro? Hook and pile tape sounds sooooo lame.

Hooah never means no.

It may sometimes mean: “I vehemently disagree with what you are saying, but seeing as how you outrank me I will grudgingly acquiesce”.

But it never means no.