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Art Destroyed During World War II: Gustav Klimt

I close “The Firebombing of Dresden (Two) Week(s)” with this, a collection of Gustav Klimt’s lost works. I remember learning about the loss of one of Klimt’s masterpieces, “Medicine, Philosophy and Jurisprudence” in college. Unfortunately, good copies or photographs of that mural don’t exist.

I’ll share some of the others, mostly destroyed by fires set by German forces retreating from Austria.

Malcesine on Lake Garda:

Farm Garden with Crucifix

Garden Path with Chickens

Other lost Klimt works include: Musik II (1898), Schubert at the Piano (1899), Golden Apple Tree (1903), Procession of the Dead (1903), Portrait of Wally (1916), The Friends (c. 1916-17), Leda (1917), Gastein (1917).

two comments

One of the joys living in Italy was traveling to Wiem/Vienna to see Gustav Klimt’s the Kiss. I am not as a big a Klimt fan as Eric, but great art is great art.

Dude, Klimt is the greatest.