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Will Humans Ever Stop Fighting Wars? Twitter Responds

(For the past few weeks, On Violence and our readers have tried to answer the question, “Will humans ever stop fighting wars?” Today’s entry comes from the one, the only, the Twitter. Feel free to drop us your response in the comment section, on twitter or by email. Or follow us on Twitter @onviolence.)

Jordan deJongh (@Smile_to_me): they should, but ppl r taught at a young age that war is the only way 2 resolve anything

João Hwang (@JoaoHwang): Depends on whether we fight for material (economics) or it is inherent in our nature (Nietzsche, Hegel, Schopenhauer, etc.) If it's the former wars can end, if it's the latter then we doomed to have them. Until we figure it out, minimizing is the goal.

Mary Matthews (@MWM4444): Humans will stop fighting wars, @OnViolence, when the human race prefers peace to testosterone poisoning. Don't hold your breath.

Kelly Crigger (@kellycrigger): Until we are blended into one homogenous people, no. And even then there will be disagreements.

Will Slack (@wslack) war is institutionalized violence, and we will never rid ourselves of violence

blenCOWe (@blencowe) human nature is shaped by envrnmnt, which is shaped by scarcity (resources). Scarcity leads 2 competition & this brings violence

JK (@shivers44) To quote a popular videogame: "War, war never changes" because humans are incapable of completely relinquishing violence

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Not a great deal of optimism from this group.