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Will Humans Ever Stop Fighting Wars? Adam Elkus Responds

(This week, and next, On Violence and our readers will try to answer the question, “Will humans ever stop fighting wars?” Today’s entry comes from Adam Elkus, frequent Small Wars Journal contributor and author of the Red Team Journal. Feel free to drop us your response in the comment section, on twitter or by email.)

I think it's possible that we may evolve to a point where war--or the threat thereof--is no longer an issue. But at that point we may not be "human" anymore. The anthropological evidence is compelling and demonstrates that the "noble savage" never existed and was something of a creation of Rousseau and other fellow travelers. That being said it's hard to make a definitive judgment about the future of humanity--especially since we may change drastically as our technology and environments increasingly change us.

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I know you guys go through difficult times.My son has been a sailor for 11 years,heis an aviation Mechanic with the Reagan. I would be interested in friending any of you if possible. I know that while my son does not see the action you guys do I’m a military mom. I know that mentally you guys face some VERY hard challenges. I worry about the troops ,like you,that face these difficult times.My prayes are with you all.Stay safe and keep your Heads down!! Love and Hugs!!