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Will Humans Ever Stop Fighing Wars? Matt Gallagher's Response

(This week, and next, On Violence and our readers will try to answer the question, “Will humans ever stop fighting wars?” Today’s entry comes from Matt Gallagher, author of "Kaboom: Embracing the Suck in a Savage Little War". (Read Eric C’s review here.) Feel free to drop us your response in the comment section, on twitter or by email.)

I've given this some thought over the last day or so, and at the risk of sounding flippant, my short answer is "definitely not." If/when the wars end, humanity will have become something else entirely, since warfare has been with our species longer than a flat earth and fire, and will probably outlast the pinky toe. The teenage idealist still left in me hurts at this acknowledgement, but it "'tis what it 'tis." As a fan of the Big Guy upstairs, I believe there is a place that awaits us that is without the evils and ugliness of war, but that's another discussion entirely.

One comment

I think that’s an interesting assertion; if we ever stop fight wars, that may mean we are no longer human. That the ending of war is such a big evolutionary step that it may be impossible for humanity as we are today.