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The On V Two Year Anniversary...And the Future!

Something really important happened last week: On Violence had its two year anniversary.

We would have posted on our proper two year anniversary on Friday, but Michael C was personally invited to listen to the President speak. And by personally invited, we mean he was invited along with everyone else at Fort Campbell. Watch the video here; he’s one of the guys on the top row with the long hair.

First, we want to say something we haven’t said in a while: thank you. Thank you to all the loyal readers, argumentative commenters, retweeters and facebook-likers. Thanks to everyone who helped us get our thoughts out there, and to everyone who nominated or voted for On Violence over at the milbloggies (with a particular shout out for Starbuck over at Wings Over Iraq.)

Second, instead of compiling a “Best of On V” link drop, we’ll link to what we consider our biggest accomplishment in the last year: getting published in the Washington Post with Michael C’s controversial op-ed, “I Didn’t Deserve My Combat Pay”. Nothing compares to seeing your name in print in a major newspaper.

Third, we’d like to address a question some of you may have been thinking, one we’ve been asking ourselves. With the death of Osama bin Laden, the impending draw down in Iraq in 2011, and the probably soon to rapidly increasing draw down in Afghanistan, and Michael C leaving the military in July, what’s going to happen to On Violence?

Well, we’re not going to stop. Violence isn’t going anywhere, and we still have years before both wars are fully over. We also will focus more on international conflicts, the meaning of war and violence, and of course, reviewing art and books about war.

Finally, some bigger news/updates. Michael C is getting out of the Army. We mention this for two reasons. First, posting may, counter-intuitively, go down. We try to publish 3 to 4 times a week, but in the next few months it will go down to three times a week. Second, we’re looking for writing jobs in the Los Angeles area. So if you have a job, know of a job, or know anyone involved in the writing industry (film, print or interwebs), we’d really appreciate it if you dropped us a line.

If you are looking for a team of amazing writers, please contact our sales office. Or just email us.

six comments

There’s a lot of colons in the post. Don’t know what that means.

But again, thanks to everyone.

Time flies. Seriously though, congrats guys. Keep up the good/hard work.

Congrats guys. I’ve only been reading and thinking deeply about war, violence, and conflict for the last year or so, but your blog has been a great place to develop ideas, think, and get some great recommendations for good literature, so keep it up. I look forward to seeing where the blog will go in the future. Best of luck!

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the effort you guys have put in to this. Michael C – thanks for your service, I hope you enjoy spending some time with your wife!

Jon- Sounds a bit sarcastic coming from someone in Afghanistan, but thanks. We are still waiting on some thoughts from you on Afghanistan…

@Nick- Generating ideas and making people think is our primary goal.

Will- We could use a guest post from you to…

Good luck in LA!