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A Question For Every American

On Wednesday I wrote that I rewatched Brazil for one specific line of dialogue. One hour and thirty four minutes into the film, the nervous protagonist, in response to the protests of his love interest, says, “I suppose you’d rather have terrorists?”

To which his foil replies, “How many terrorists have you met? Actual terrorists?”

He pauses, stammers, then finally comes up with...

“Well, it’s only my first day.”

This question has only become more relevant since 9/11. Even counting law enforcement personnel, intelligence analysts and the military, how many people have actually met a terrorist?

two comments

What is your definition of a terrorist? An insurgent?

Well Chris I think that gets to the core of the issue. When we think terrorist we think of 9/11 not Iraq. And in a lot of ways Iraqi insurgents are not terrorists, they are fighters in an internal civil war.

True a group linked to Al Qaeda helped to destablize Iraq, but that was because we created a security vacuum.