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Blogroll: Secrecy News

When it comes to the On Violence blog roll (see the sidebar), there are only have three requirements: update regularly, have a take and provide original content.

That is why I have to add Secrecy News to our blog roll. When it comes to providing original content, no one covers this unique topic better. Besides Top Secret America, few mainstream media outlets cover intelligence and government classification. This is disheartening considering the complexity, cost and importance of national security intelligence.

I would also add that Secrecy News excels at having a take. Their take is simple--the federal government needs to do a much better job at managing its classified information--but they tackle the intricacies and difficulties of trying to fix this eminently broken system. Instead of trying to summarize their points, I’ll let their about page do the work:

“Secrecy News, a publication of the Federation of American Scientists, reports on new developments in government secrecy and provides public access to documentary resources on secrecy, intelligence and national security policy.”

Written by Steven Aftergood, I first heard him as a guest on NPR’s On The Media. Besides graduating from UCLA (a big plus for this blog) he has won numerous awards for his first amendment advocacy. He has also published articles in a variety of academic journals and magazines.

Personally, I love Secrecy News because as an intelligence officer finding out news about intelligence is surprisingly tough. Much like the WaPo’s Top Secret America series, the Secrecy News blog shows how the private sector can often produce much better research and useful products then can the government.

So if you’re a libertarian, free speech supporter, open government fan, intelligence worker, in the government or just like original, though provoking posts, check out Secrecy News.

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I know this post almost seems like an advertisement for Secrecy News; we just love the blog.

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