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On V in Other Places Grab Bag

First off, and I don’t know why we’re leading with this, but Ryen Russillo read an email ("What may be the best from all season") from Michael C on ESPN’s NBA Today podcast, so check it out here. (Click to 14:30 to hear the email. The episode is from the 21st.) Basically, Michael and Ryen collectively dog on Ice Cube for counting stats in a pick up game.

Next, Eric had a follow up piece to an earlier one over at Write to Done, titled, “The Second Golden Rule of Writing.”

And both of us co-wrote, “The 8 Most Greatest Tips To Write Unstoppably Killer Headlines Guide Ever” for Problogger. If you read blogs on blogging, you’ll get how ridiculous the titles get. We wrote this in response to that.

Finally, Eric C had an email get answered over at Daily Blog Tips. Again, it is focused on blogging.

Have a good one.

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The Problogger post has a good deal of comedy in it too, that we try to tone down for the regular posts.

Michael C’s email got upgraded from best of the season to maybe best of all time: http://espn.go.com/espnradio/player?rd=1..