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One of the Inevitable Casualties

When I guestposted on Thomas Ricks’ blog my piece, “K2, the weenie of Afghanistan,” I mentioned the dogs of Afghanistan, and even hinted about the untimely demise of many of our denizens, including when the original K2--named Khan--met the big bitch in the sky by drinking some anti-freeze left out in the motor pool.

I didn’t mention it at the time, but Khan wasn’t the only casualty. We had a veritable “puppy holocaust” as we called it, on our hands. Puppies just a few weeks old weren’t smart enough to not drink the anti-freeze that dripped into drip pans beneath our Humvees. The mechanics realized what was happening too late. Today I wanted to share a pic of one of the puppies.

War really is hell.

three comments

As we wrote (here), we don’t things the deaths of dogs matters more than humans.

Just need to clarify that, before someone objects.

I think we’ve discussed this before, but I think people tend to underestimate the effects of animal deaths on the soldiers they interact with.

Ah, K2…dogs are amazing and do wonders for the troopers morale.