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Know Any Quotes Behaving Badly?

Last May, we wrote a post on "Quotes Behaving Badly", taking down nine quotes we felt were wrong, dishonest, mis-attributed or idiotic.

We need your help finding more.

We're working on a second "Quotes Behaving Badly" post, and we figured we'd give a shout out to everyone on the internets calling for more of these quotes. We prefer quotes that are mis-attributed or mis-quoted, but any overly cited cliche will do. If you have any ideas, please put them in the comments section below, email us, or tweet us.

Thanks for your time, and we will be back soon.

five comments

What about Star Wars quotes? Yoda saying, “War not make one great.” Not only is it bad sentence structure, it was said by a puppet.

Perfect. And Yoda was a coward.

I also propose using the twitter hashtag #quotesbehavingbadly too. When we debut the post in two weeks we are going to throw some out with that hash tag.

‘blah, blah, blah, the military is overseas to defend your personal freedoms…’

‘if you value your [insert personal freedom here] thank a soldier.”

More of an aphorism than a quote but it needs to be challenged as there is absolutely no correlation between overseas contingency operations and your ability to go to a “Congress on your corner” event, or another outlet of liberty.

-active duty officer

@ TT – We’ve got posts on the phrase “defending you freedoms”, and how the military “defends freedoms” but doesn’t actually valude freedom.