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On V in Other Places: LA Times - War Destroys

In a string of good luck, we have been published in several different venues over the last week, including the nytimes.com and Infantry Magazine.

To top it off, Eric C just got an rebuttal piece published in our hometown paper, the Los Angeles Times in their “Blowback” feature. Called “War Destroys”, Eric C writes about how atrocities define war in general. This is another huge day for Eric C and On Violence, so check it out.

One comment

An interesting rebuttal however I think the real reason certain people point to “atrocities” in an armed conflict is because they seek to achieve an end to this conflict through political methods. If these same people could enrage and shame people by saying Americans were dropping rubber duckies into every village they would say this. While I have no doubt that some people are horrified that 1 “bad guy” was killed but 11 innocents died as a result of collateral damage, too often being “horrified” is just a means to an end.