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On V in Other Places: Infantry Magazine

First off, last month was the biggest month in the history of On Violence. Thanks to all our readers, new and old, for the comments, likes, links and RTs.

Along with that good news came more good news: I recently received in the mail three copies of the May-August 2010 issue of Infantry magazine, which features the boringly titled but fabulously written, “Influencing the Population: Using Interpreters, Conducting KLEs, and Executing IO in Afghanistan” by the captivating and charismatic Captain Michael Cummings.

      (A picture from the article in Infantry Magazine.)

I also wish we could post a link to it on this blog, but right now it looks like Infantry magazine doesn’t have an online edition. If anyone can find one, let me know.

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That is a terribly long title for a magazine article, but congrats.


Thanks dude.


Congrats dude,

I haven’t read it yet…but it’s downloaded on my iPad. My dari class is done today, so I’ll soon be free to read (and maybe contribute!).

where did you find infantry magazine online? i have been having a tough time. I want to put the link up even if it requires a log-on.

Sorry – I should have just left the link earlier.

AKO is required. (IN Mag)

All those years as an assistant reference librarian rare finally paying off!

I may have to figure out a way to host the issue on the blog so people who want to read the article—while very instructional—can. Congrats on finding it. Some combination of being on a mac with an old OS and not being logged into us.army.mil killed me.

By the way, we are going to work with our webmaster to figure out if we can host the issue online.