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The KOP: Hell in a Hand Basket

In a continuing quest to show pictures from my Afghanistan deployment, today we have two pictures of the Korengal OutPost, a hell-hole I have written about before.

This first photo was taken out of a Chinook helicopter as I was desperately trying to get back to Camp Joyce. I went all over the battlefield before I got there, and I realized as we landed here I was at the KOP. My camera came after we left so this is the only photo I have.

But this second photo I got from SGT Crivello, one of my guys from the platoon. It pretty much captures the mood of the valley, and a brand new platoon leader.

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That’s a great second picture.

Hope you post more about your deployments.

Eric C and I were talking about that today, and around December we are probably going to run some more personal experience articles.

I would be interested in more personal experience articles. As much as we can, some of us are very interested supporting. Thanks for your anticpated insight.

To be clear, supporting both Michael and Eric.

We try to write about personal experiences when we can, especially if they can support an argument. It’s what gives us a unique perspective. That said…

there are a few limiting factors. One is Op Sec. A lot of other blogs are way more out in the open about this, but we want to be very careful about what we reveal, especially specific names, places, tactics, technologies.

The other is identifying other Soldiers, who may not want to be blogged about. The longer Michael gets away from past deployments and units, the more we will be free to write about.

Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it.

Great points.

Some day I would like to pick your brains on domestic issues relative to how they affect the military vs private sector. For instance, the Cali Supremes decision to grant non citizens in state tuition (with restrictions) while denying in state tuition to military sevice men and women’s children based in Cali when parents maintain out of state residence.

Maybe when one or both of you run for office!

We need good minds.

Appreciate the compliments KP and we’ll try to get you some more personal experience articles.

That’s a lot of gear he has around his waist. I’d think that would make being agile a little tough. Is all of that required by the military?