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Afghanistan in Pics: At Least They Have Cowbell

(With Michael C deploying to Iraq, he decided it’s time to show some of the best pics his tour in Afghanistan. This week is our first.)

On my first deployment, I went through Kuwait. They have this concrete barrier in the middle of the camp. I love it because 18th HRC (which I believe stands for Human Resources Company, but I might have to look this up) painted this mural. Where are they air assaulting to? What are they the “reapers” of? Leave forms?

At least they have an inside joke about cowbells.

Update from Kuwait: I just flew through, the mural is still there but I didn’t have a chance to snap a no photo of it.

two comments

“Bruce Dickinson digs our sound”

This is one of the most amusing things about the military. There’s dozens of what I like to call “mess kit repair companies”—organizations whose relationship to the conduct of our national defense is tenuous at best. Yet, flip on AFN, and you’ll see dozens of commercials for the “elite 243rd Transportation Theater Command” or whatever (with a motto along the lines of “Excellence, Adaptive, Responsive” or whatever buzz words we like these days).

I was a battalion S-3, so I shouldn’t have been writing awards, yet word leaked out that I was the “Small Wars Journal guy”, so I wrote up our unit history and awards. It never ceases to amaze me how each one of these units are always the “vanguard in the Global War on Terror” or whatever. It creeps into politics as well. For example, when a unit in John Kerry’s home state was about to be BRACed, Sen. Kerry touted some of the buzz-words from the unit’s history.