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Really!?! Quotes from Lone Survivor Pt. 2

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Page 198:
"He was probably doing a New York Times crossword which he'd memorized word for word in his head."

Really? Why would anyone memorize a crossword "word for word"? If you have the time (and intelligence) to memorize a crossword, then you have the time (and intelligence) to finish it. Luttrell is grossly ignorant about many things, and you can add crosswords to that list. How his co-writer let this line get in to the final draft blows my mind.

                                       (Rob Curtis/Military Times)

(H/t to Weekend Update)

three comments

Why you hatin? He’s just tryin to make a dolla. Yeah, he’s doing it w/ terrible writing…You know what? Nevermind, there’s no excuse. You have officially talked me out of picking this one up…not even from the library, for free…

That was our goal. Yeah, we really hate this book, we have four more posts coming…

Wait until you read how he changed the story to make it more exciting. Thats tomorrow.

What’s the big deal? I memorize Sudoku and do them in my head all the time. I know it’s not as impressive.