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Really!?! with Quotes from "Lone Survivor" Pt. 1

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From Page 10-11:

"...we had to be transported right through the middle of town to the U.S. air base on Muharraq Island for all flights to and from Bahrain. We didn't mind this, but we didn't love it either. 

That little journey, maybe five miles, took us through a city that felt much as we did. The locals didn't love us either. There was a kind of sullen look to them, as if they were sick to death of having the American military around them. In fact, there were districts in Manama known as black flag areas, where tradesmen, shopkeepers, and private citizens hung black flags outside their properties to signify Americans are not welcome.

I guess it wasn't quite as vicious as Juden Verboten was in Hitler's Germany. But there are undercurrents of hatred all over the Arab world, and we knew there were many sympathizers with the Muslim extremist fanatics of the Taliban and al Qaeda. The black flags worked. We stayed well clear of those places."

Really? Not quite as vicious as Juden Verboten? It is nothing like Juden Verboten or Hitler’s Germany, because the Jews weren’t a foreign military presence in Germany. Only in Luttrell’s mind could people of a another country protest the presence of foreign troops in their country, and they're the ones considered fascist.

                                      (Rob Curtis/Military Times)

(H/t to Weekend Update)

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Hyperbolic much? LOL! Ok, in his defense he did say “not quite as bad as” … but I am much more curious about the whole black flag thing. Is it true that people would hang black flags to signal that Americans were not welcome? If so, why? It seems unwise to overtly signal such feelings.

Luttrell is just making stuff up here or parroting rumors he gathered from fellow sailors. A number of my Navy friends have been stationed in Bahrain and never mentioned any “no go” areas or instances of rabid anti-Americanism. My recollection is (and a quick two minute Google search confirms) that the “Black Flag” is a common Shi’a symbol, is most often displayed during religious festivals and has no particular negative connotation. Regardless, Bahrain is a wealthy, safe and modern country that should not cause a Navy SEAL of all people any fear.

Yeah it shows how hyperbolic and clueless Luttrell is. It is a shame his memoir has done so well when others have not. Thanks for the info about Bahrain.

I’m finding the use of fascist Germany as a comparison for any issue someone disagrees with growing very tiresome. Using it as an analogy seems to be the surest way to annoy me.