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Introducing the Blogroll...

It's taken us a long time to publish our blogroll. Why? We didn't want to put out a blogroll we didn't believe in. Too many blogrolls are filled with outdated, broken links, or have too many links to be useful.

The purpose of a blogroll, in our opinion, is to guide readers to the best foreign policy, military affairs, and news blogs on the net, not to receive backlinks from other websites. Our blogroll is for you, not us. Ideally, if our website were the first FP/MA/News blog you've ever read, we can guide you to the best blogs on the net.

We'd also like to say that old media news sources--NPR on radio, NewHour on television, The Economist and the New Yorker for weekly news magazines--still provide some of the best analysis out there.

Having said the above, we consider our blogroll a living document. Expect us to update it every so often and provide a post explaining why.

The On Violence Blog Roll

Abu Muqawama - Andrew Exum recently gave up daily blogging, but we still recommend his blog. Waiting for Abu M's longer form thoughts will always be a treat.

The Best Defense - Tom Rick's wrote two of the definitive accounts of the Iraq War in Fiasco and The Gamble.  He provides some of the best war coverage anywhere.

Blog Them Out of the Stone Age- Professor Mark Grimsley is a professor at the Ohio State University and at the U.S. Army War College. He ably covers both current military affairs and provide a well needed critique to military history.

ForeignPolicy.com Blogs - The bloggers on Foreign Policy's site--Daniel DreznerAbu Aardvark (Marc Lynch), Stephen Walt, and David Rothkopf--write about zombies, Jay-Z, sports, films and novels. Occasionally they write about foreign affairs too.

FP Watch - More focused on, surprise, foreign policy, FP Watch provides a less militarized view of the foreign policy world aong with good insight.

Informed Comment - Juan Cole is the king of the anti-war blogosphere. Check him out.

Inkspots - A group of foreign policy and military consultants who provide daily updates on the world. They have a good dialogue in their comments section as well.

Kings of War - A group of respected academics from the Department of War Studies at King's College London, they provide a forum for some well-learned perspectives from across the pond.

Michael Yon - Michael Yon writes his award winning reporting from the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Milblogging - The ultimate resource for military blogging on the internet. Period.

The New Yorker - The New Yorker is the greatest media creation in any language since the dawn of man (Eric C's opinion). We particularly enjoy Hendrick Hertzberg on politics, Think Tank (Steve Coll) on Public Policy and Interesting Times (George Packer) on whatever topic he feels like opining upon.

The Rebel Reports - Jeremy Scahill reports for the Nation on military contracting and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Small Wars Journal - The Small Wars Journal has created a vital new source of dialogue for the modern warfighter. Read their blog and peruse their forum.

Wings over Iraq - A fellow military blogger who just returned from Iraq, Starbuck wrote a tremendous piece for the Small Wars Journal linking military theory to science fiction. Also one of the first bloggers to add us to his blogroll, so he must have good taste.

If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below.

One comment

I just want to say that we really don’t want to offend anyone if we left off your blog. There are plenty of great blogs out there and no way we could include them all. As we said, this is a living document and we expect it to grow and evolve over time.