Feb 23

Quick heads up. Eric C had his guest post, "Post, Entry or Article" published on Daily Writing Tips. Please check it out.

Feb 16

Quick heads up: Eric C just had a guest post published yesterday at Daily Blog Tips titled, "9 More Ways to Promote Your Blog Online." Check it out.

Feb 02

Hey All,

Two quick things. First, Eric C had a guestpost published on Fuel Your Writing, titled, "Less is More: Aristotle and Four Simple Steps to Better Short Stories." Please check it out.

Second, long time reader Chris C has a new blog, called "Predigested Opinion Spigot." Please check it out. New content is coming on Wednesday.

Jan 29

Hey All,

Quick heads up. Michael C wrote a guestpost for milblogging.com, titled "12 Tips to Keep Milblogging in 2010."

Check it out.

Jan 14

Hey All.

First off, just a heads up but we've been having trouble with our servers. If the website is taking forever to load, or whatnot, we are working on it.

Second, we want to put a quick shout out to the guys over at Blogussion for posting two guest posts by Eric C. The first is titled, "The Two (and a half) Golden Rules of Blogging." The second is, "The Upcoming Articles Widget" over at Uniqueblog.net.

If you would like to guest write for us, please check out our guest post guidelines. We publish reader posts every other Thursday.

Dec 17

We just wanted to give our loyal readers a heads up on where you can find some of our writing outside of On Violence.

Today Write to Done posted our article, "The Golden Rule of Writing."  We'd like to thank Mary for editing and  publishing our post.

Also, a big shout out to Seth Waite and Alex Frasier over at Blogussion for publishing our guest posts at Unique Blog  titled, "Don't Write Misleading Headlines." and "Forget the Micro-niche."

On Violence has some other guest posts in the pipeline and we will let our readers know when we get published elsewhere. Also, we always welcome guest posts, please check out the details. If you host a blog, we are always interested in working together on something.

If you are new to On Violence, please check out the Best of On Violence, or our On Violence Christmas List Recommendations.