Feb 22

First off, and I don’t know why we’re leading with this, but Ryen Russillo read an email ("What may be the best from all season") from Michael C on ESPN’s NBA Today podcast, so check it out here. (Click to 14:30 to hear the email. The episode is from the 21st.) Basically, Michael and Ryen collectively dog on Ice Cube for counting stats in a pick up game.

Next, Eric had a follow up piece to an earlier one over at Write to Done, titled, “The Second Golden Rule of Writing.”

And both of us co-wrote, “The 8 Most Greatest Tips To Write Unstoppably Killer Headlines Guide Ever” for Problogger. If you read blogs on blogging, you’ll get how ridiculous the titles get. We wrote this in response to that.

Finally, Eric C had an email get answered over at Daily Blog Tips. Again, it is focused on blogging.

Have a good one.

Feb 08

Quick heads up:

Michael C just had a guest post published over at VAntage Point, the VA's blog, run by two of On Violence's favorite bloggers/writers, Brandon Friedman and Alex Horton. Titled "Checking the Mental Health Block", here's an excerpt:

“Next,” said the voice from a tiny cubicle.

A sign facing the door labeled it “Office #5.” It was just one tiny office among six others, with only a thin partitions separating them. I walked in. Behind the desk sat a kind looking lady–imagine a standard issue government employee and you got it–who motioned me to sit in the chair next to her desk.

A few minutes before, I’d received my redeployment paperwork, a glorified checklist. Once I filled it out, it meant I was home, safe and sound. I handed it to the mental health worker.

If you’ve spent more than a minute in or working with the Army, then you know what “checking the block” means...

(Click here to read the whole thing.)

Dec 14

We wanted to give you a heads up about two fellow bloggers who gave On Violence a shout out this week.

First off, Josh Mull mentioned our post, “War as the Opposite of Civilization”, in his post, “Journalism is not an Attack, Wikileaks is not Warfare” over at Firedoglake and the Huffington Post. Big ups to Josh for the shout out, but more importantly, I (Eric C) love that he has promoted the idea that, instead of viewing war as politics, we should view it as the opposite of civilization. I love that this idea is getting out there, and I’m thinking about expanding the concept into a longer form article.

On a more disagreeing note, Gaijinass, over at his blog, took issue with Michael's ethical outline in our post “We are Holier than Thou”. I will say this--and wrote this in the comment’s section over there--Michael’s post was an attempt to rebut critics who say America should act immorally in war. Still, an interesting rebuttal. Check it out.

Finally, if you have a blog and mention On Violence on it, please shoot us an email or tweet so we can keep the discussion going.

Dec 09

Quick heads up:

Michael C just had a guest post published over at Tom Ricks’ FP.com blog, The Best Defense, titled, “Iraq, the Unraveling: Here's a nasty killer most Americans know nothing about”. Check it out of course.

And you may remember Michael C had an article published in Infantry Magazine last month. Well, we have the PDF of the article loaded on our website now, so feel free to download it here.

Nov 18

Quick heads up:

Michael C just had a guest post published at Doonesbury's The Sandbox, titled, "The  PL."

Check it out.

Nov 12

In a string of good luck, we have been published in several different venues over the last week, including the nytimes.com and Infantry Magazine.

To top it off, Eric C just got an rebuttal piece published in our hometown paper, the Los Angeles Times in their “Blowback” feature. Called “War Destroys”, Eric C writes about how atrocities define war in general. This is another huge day for Eric C and On Violence, so check it out.

Nov 05

To new visitors from the New York Times, welcome. Please check out Our 50th Post Link Drop, Our 100th Post Link Drop, Our 1 Year Anniversary Link Drop and Our 200th Post Link Drop to read some of our best posts. Probably our best and most debated recent work has been our “War is War” series.

Quick heads up to regular readers, if you thought Michael C’s announcement yesterday about his article in Infantry magazine was cool, wait until you see this.

Michael C just had a piece published on the newyorktimes.com At War blog, titled, “Where Did God Go in Afghanistan?

This is amazing and cool, and big props to Michael C.

Nov 04

First off, last month was the biggest month in the history of On Violence. Thanks to all our readers, new and old, for the comments, likes, links and RTs.

Along with that good news came more good news: I recently received in the mail three copies of the May-August 2010 issue of Infantry magazine, which features the boringly titled but fabulously written, “Influencing the Population: Using Interpreters, Conducting KLEs, and Executing IO in Afghanistan” by the captivating and charismatic Captain Michael Cummings.

      (A picture from the article in Infantry Magazine.)

I also wish we could post a link to it on this blog, but right now it looks like Infantry magazine doesn’t have an online edition. If anyone can find one, let me know.